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28% of Adults in the UK are Obese

A recent study found that 28% of adults in the UK are obese, with a further 36% being overweight. The study also found that men were more likely to be obese than women. Since 1993 this statistic has risen from 14.9% to 28%, with a massive 64.3% of individuals considered overweight in the UK. This is dangerous for a number of reasons, with comorbidities associated with obesity putting a strain on our overall health, bodies, and the NHS.

What are Comorbidities?

In regard to obesity, comorbidities include diabetes, cancer, cardio-vascular problems, and mobility issues. Alone these are health concerns that are rightly given much time and attention, and together can make life even more complicated and unpleasant. By reducing our weight, we have the chance to potentially prevent these problems from occurring. This is, of course, easier said than done, and usually requires a safe, sustainable, and sensible lifestyle change in order to achieve.

Gastric Balloon Treatment

Allure Consultant Dr Ash Bassi

Our gastric balloon UK clinics enable us to help patients across the UK reach their weight loss goals or kickstart their long-term journeys. Gastric balloons have been placed across the globe for over 20 years. Whether you are looking for the elegant support of the BiB 6 month balloon or the longer placement of the 12 month gastric balloon UK, our team are on hand to ensure you are able to make the most out of these fantastic NON-surgical medical devices. Patients can expect to lose 10 – 17% of their total body weight with our celebrated gastric balloon programmes. All of our programmes include 1-1 sessions with a HCPC registered Dietitian and support from our nurse.

The 12 Month Gastric Balloon UK

12 Month Gastric Balloon UK on a white Table

Similarly, the Orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon UK is a great tool for overweight and obese individuals with a BMI of 27 or over. Able to stay in the stomach for up to 12 months, the Orbera Balloon is placed and removed endoscopically, and requires a light sedation to ensure the comfort of the patient. Overall, weight loss patients can expect a total reduction of 10 – 17% of their body weight. Again, this depends entirely on whether the individual is able to adhere to the advice and guidelines laid out by the professionals at Allure Weightloss.

The BiB six month balloon works much in the same way as the Orbera, requiring an endoscopy for placement and removal, another great tool for those who are obese and are looking to make a change. The BiB Balloon lasts for 6 months.

Bariatric Surgery

Another way to combat obesity is through the use of bariatric surgeries such as the gastric bypass or sleeve. These are irreversible procedures aimed at drastically reducing the weight of an obese individual with a BMI over at least 35 (or 30 with associated comorbidities). We have three surgeries across England in the South, Midlands, and North. Each surgery is undertaken by one of our carefully selected GMC registered consultant bariatric surgeons. There are several key differences between the sleeve and bypass, and you may be eligible for one and not the other depending on certain existing medical factors.

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Who are Allure Weightloss?

We are CQC registered providers of gastric balloon placements in England and Wales. With ten (and counting) centres, we employ the talents of leading consultants at the top of their fields. Learn more about Allure Weightloss and our mission on our about us page now.

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