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10 Gastric Balloon Placement Centres and Counting

Travelling for a fantastic service is normal, especially in the field of medicine. But did you know that we have over ten centres across England and Wales? This is to ensure you won’t have to travel any further than is necessary for your gastric balloon placement with the Allure Weightloss Programme. This non-surgical weight loss tool is a brilliant way to start or boost your journey towards a healthier and more confident self.

Gastric Balloon Placement Near Me

You can search and locate your nearest gastric balloon clinic online today. From South London to the North West, our centres are situated in convenient locations, and are home to the expertise necessary to make sure your procedure is goes as smoothly as possible. Be sure to regularly check back with us, as we are always expanding our reach, adding new clinics to our list as and when they become available.

Our Weight Loss Balloons

When booking in you’ll have the option of the three of the most popular gastric balloons on the market. These include the Allurion, BiB, and Obera. Spanning a maximum use of 4, 6, and 12 months respectively. There are several reasons to pick the 4- or 12-month gastric balloons in the UK, and these range from existing underlying medical conditions to personal preference.

The Allurion (our swallowable gastric balloon), for example, requires one visit to a placement centre and will then pass naturally after approximately 16 weeks. To contrast, the Obera requires an endoscopy and two visits to one of our placement centres. This weight loss procedure is designed to make you feel full for longer and support a long term healthy lifestyle that includes your diet and exercise.

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Allure Aftercare Programme

Our unique aftercare programme ensures you have all the tools necessary to get the most out of your Obera 365 or Allurion gastric balloon placement. Once you leave the gastric balloon clinic, you will have access to a specialist nurse, as well as dietitians, and our team of advisers. You’ll be equipped with a tracker, Bluetooth scales, and specially designed apps to track your weight and progress with managing a healthy diet.

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